Portland Recovery Community Center

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The Portland Recovery Community Center stands as a safe haven for people from EVERY addiction recovery pathway and for our recovery allies. 

  • We are you! You belong here!  We have many different support groups as well as informal social gathering and support.
  • We carry hope and support to those who recover and their loved ones in a community based setting.
  • By serving as positive community members, we demonstrate that recovery works to transform lives
  • Volunteer with us. We have opportunities from reception to cleaning.

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Telephone Recovery Support 

PRCC offers Telephone Recovery Support (TRS).  This is a peer to peer recovery support program.  Trained peer volunteers place calls once a week to 'check in'.  The trained volunteers will give referrals if needed. It's a great way to get or stay connected to recovery!

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Recovery Coach Program

A Recovery Coach is a peer who has direct experience with alcohol and/or drug addiction recovery and who completes training to provide an array of services.  The Recovery Coach meets with a person to help them find community based support and resources so that they may strengthen their recovery and improve their quality of life in many areas.

If you are interested in receiving Recovery Coaching or want to become a Recovery Coach, Please contact

               Darren Ripley at 207.458.4366 or 207.621.8118